Quality consultant

The awareness section of ISO9001: 2015 7.3 is fundamental to the success of a quality system. If well-established good awareness should ensure the QA system becomes embedded within the organisation.

The Standard requires that employees should be aware of and understand the QA policies and processes. Together with their roles and responsibilities and key monitors and measures.

Achieving suitable awareness will require the quality system to be issued in a manner that is easy to understand and that the appropriate processes are approved by managers and operatives alike.

There is much use these days of, intranets, portals, and CRM systems. The author advocates use of a simple web-based portal with easy to navigate instructions.

Demonstrating awareness is not difficult. If staff are aware of what is required, evidence can be seen in day-to-day processes operating efficiently. 

Providing that the quality system has been created with all staff involved, processes adopted should be aligned with workflows.

Awareness programmes can also include expectations of customers and any changes in complaints processes that must be followed. 

Another important area to remember is that staff need to be aware of their personal contribution to achieving desired results. A quality organisation should deliver quality outputs.

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