Quality Consultant

The quality policy within ISO9001: 2015 is a key and integral document. The policy should be carefully prepared to reflect the outputs of the external and internal issues identified together with key interested parties needs and expectations.

  • The policy should support the strategy for the business
  • It should detail some key objectives that should be measurable
  • Address regulatory and statutory obligations
  • How customer needs will be addressed
  • A commitment to continual improvement

The needs and expectations of stakeholders might be a good starting point for setting out the tone and format of the quality policy.

Once the quality policy has been drafted it should be approved by the CEO or most senior manager. 

It should be controlled and distributed to all staff and ideally interested parties that have a stake in the organisation’s success.

The policy should be communicated in a manner so that staff really understand the importance of the quality system. Not just stuck up on a notice board.

This policy should be reviewed and updated on a periodic basis to allow for any changes and modifications and improvements found.

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Marcus has twenty years’ experience in delivering Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions to over two hundred organisations within the UK.  Including over one hundred ISO9001 programmes.

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