Governance, Risk & Compliance

How an organisation co-ordinates a strategy for effective management of sound corporate governance, structured risk evaluation and compliance with due regard to regulatory requirements


Seeks to establish a framework of sound practices & processes by which an organisation is directed and controlled.


Co-ordinated activities to direct and control an organisation with regard to risk.


Effective adherence to Standards and regulations to protect the organisation’s purpose and direction.


Thamer James Limited was established in 2000 to provide effective solutions for a range of compliance Standards. 

In this period our consultants have assisted over one hundred and forty organisations to obtain registrations for quality and associated international Standards. 

In addition, we have always focussed upon effective governance platforms that underpin our management systems.

We examine external and internal issues that affect an organisation and help create a meaningful assessment of corporate risks. 

Our consultants are seasoned practitioners with extensive exposure to a variety of corporate scenarios; whether compliance reviews, or advising on effective governance models.

We pride ourselves on an attentive and highly responsive client service. Our clients praise our professional and highly responsive service solutions.

Thamer James Ltd sets itself apart by offering a unique, on-line, easy to use, governance portal to house your compliance requirements.

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