Our consultants have worked with over one hundred and forty organisations. Our principal consultant, Marcus Allen, has over twenty years’ experience covering differing organisations in the private or public sectors.

Thamer James Ltd assists organisations to achieve best practice Standards such as ISO9001, ISO27001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO14001. These feature our corporate governance portal web-based solution which drive forward sound business controls and practices, in contrast to, merely achieving registration.

BS 13500 2013:

BS13500 is the British Standard code of practice that helps to address the fundamental principles for the effective delivery of sound governance within an organisation.

In the public and private sector, the increasing expectations of an organisation’s behaviour and performance have become increasingly important to stakeholders and regulators.

BS13500 is designed, principally, to be a good starting block by which an organisation can establish governance arrangements.

The most commonly used definition of governance in the corporate arena is provided by the Cadbury Committee 1992. ‘The system by which companies are directed and controlled’.

BS13500 is structured as follows:

·       Governance systems

·       Governance accountability

·       Governance direction

·       Governance control

Thamer James works with organisations to bring about alignment with this Standard through a structured approach of benchmarking, and the review of arrangements relating to controls, processes, and policies.  We help identify areas for continual improvement and can assist with the implementation and change processes associated with an effective governance system.

Thamer James Limited also develops unique web-based governance portals that allows an organisation to define and house its policies and processes in an easy to use on-line repository. Our governance portals include competence test suites that can be tailored to a client’s needs. 

ISO9001 2015:

The new ISO 9001 structure which is built around Annex SL produced by ISO Standards, enable a common framework of introduction to a variety of newly published Standards. The common model addresses:

·       Context of the organisation

·       Leadership

·       Planning

·       Support

·       Operations

·       Performance evaluation

·       Improvement

By using the new Standard an organisation of any size can easily identify how their operational activities can align with the Annex SL approach. ISO9001 2015 requires less documentation than the previous iteration. It is truly flexible and a powerful business tool for planning and driving continual improvement.

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ISO27001 2013:

ISO 27001:2013 is the International Standard for information security.

It provides organisations with the opportunity to review their information security needs, using the high-level Annex SL approach, as detailed above. Using a risk assessment framework such as ISO31000 helps an organisation identify the key risks facing its external and internal issues.

A suite of controls is adopted from Annex A which allows for security controls and measures to be adopted to mitigate risks that have been established. A statement of applicability is produced to clarify the controls selected from Annex A. 

ISO27001 2013 is the most recognised ‘must have’ international Standard for information security. Obtaining registration to ISO27001 2013 from a top certification body is a powerful statement of an organisation’s commitment to comply with high level data security requirements.

Thamer James utilises an experienced BSI ISO127001 lead auditor and a qualified SSCP systems technician to ensure that all areas of the Standard are truly examined and enhanced for effective technology governance.