BS 18477 – Inclusive Service Provision

BS18477: 2010 the British Standard pertaining to inclusive service provision provides a financial institution the opportunity to differentiate itself from its competitors by holding unique certification from BSI to the above Standard. This demonstrates that inclusive service provision is at the centre of the organisation’s framework for service delivery.

How is this addressed? BS18477: 2010 covers; inclusive service policies and procedures, the creation of flexible services to meet the needs of vulnerable individuals. Adequate staff training on inclusive service requirements and the current needs within the marketplace.

Fair marketing procedures must be established and embedded within the organisation, together with soundly created sales procedures that must focus upon fair contractual terms, the right to review and challenge.

Appropriate forms of contact that suit all types of user must be established to ensure that there is no exclusionary activity.

Finally, the Standard addresses the requirements of transparent service provision such as easy to understand billing, letters, and other communications.

BS18477 can be integrated within other management Standards. The author will be releasing other blogs on BS18477 in due course.

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