Thamer James Limited works with a variety of organisations to enhance and improve their governance arrangements; whether the regulated or non-regulated sectors. 

We undertake a benchmark assessment of your current organisation’s governance systems against BS13500 the British Standard for delivering effective governance of organisations.

Our principal consultant has over 24 years experience of working in the management systems arena and will undertake a benchmark review, and report back with a ‘traffic light’ approach assessment summarising areas of strength and weakness.

With our extensive experience working with over one hundred and forty organisations nationwide; Thamer James understands the importance of the three fundamental steps to good sound organisational probity.

  • Governance
  • Risk
  • Compliance

Our assessment focusses not just on the ‘over-arching’ fundamentals of good governance as described within BS13500 2013. With our unrivalled experience in the examination of systems and controls that underpin the organisation we can identify areas of concern, possible ‘red-flags’ and opportunities to improve the operational effectiveness.

We have a good understanding of risk management with formal BSI training in ISO31000 the International Standard for Risk Management.

Corporate Governance Compliance Portal

Thamer James Ltd prides itself on its unique ‘governance portals’. These are built ‘in-house’ by our systems engineer, to your specification and allow an organisation to manage their governance arrangements, policies, processes and controls in one easy to use repository. Our governance portal features ‘on-line’ competence testing suites – to ensure staff stay up-to-date with your business requirements.