ISO22301 – Business Continuity Management

ISO22301: 2019 is the revised international Standard for Business Continuity. It allows your organisation to plan and established clearly defined policies and processes – for when unforeseen disruptions occur.

Planning early on all for all major threats to your business allows your organisation to swiftly implement agreed robust mechanisms to ensure smooth operation of core activities.

Most organisations will have adopted some form of continuity arrangements during the recent pandemic. ISO22301 allows you to review, enhance and formulate your plans to ensure the best arrangements are considered and planned for.

In addition, if your business operates within a ‘supply chain’ ISO22301 may be the key Standard your organisation needs to demonstrate business resilience.

For further information please contact Thamer James Ltd. Our lead consultants are BSI ISO22301 lead auditors with over ten years’ experience of assisting clients with business continuity systems.