Creating a meaningful CVMS (Consumer Vulnerability Management System) requires careful planning. It is not just about issuing one policy and placing this on the corporate website.

BS18477 – Consumer Vulnerability Standard advocates the application of an impact assessment.  This assessment should focus upon the following areas:

  • Key factors that can place consumers at a possible disadvantage. This would be in terms of products offered or indeed the channels of communication.
  • There is the need to adopt best practices wherever possible. This might require liaison with your trade or membership body if there is one.
  • There is a need to examine carefully all current and pending statutory and regulatory obligations. These obligations should be fully assessed with regards the impact within the organisation.
  • Feedback channels with consumers to understand their needs and expectations. Not just those sought by the organisation.
  • There is a need to design and develop new products (refer to previous blog on this topic) and to thorough test and evaluate new products prior to release.
  • Identify the required vulnerability training and assessment of competence levels within the organisation.
  • Examination of the management system and policies and processes. Do processes align with existing arrangements. It is suggested a full audit is undertaken to test the new vulnerability processes for appropriate outputs.
  • Monitor and review issues found and report back to the executive team.
  • Collect any appropriate consumer vulnerability KPI’s that are relevant and examine carefully.

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