Creating the required complaints management system requires careful analysis of existing processes and interrelated activities. Using various business process analysis tools can expedite this activity.

The processes need careful examination to follow the customer journey to identify where obvious bottlenecks or dead ends might occur.

The design of the complaints system must consider the outputs of a careful assessment of all routes of the consumer experience. Once these have been identified remedial action may be required.

The complaints process should be designed to address stakeholder needs with regards any required time sensitive issues for any specific actions.

The design and development of the complaints system should ideally be documented to demonstrate how it was created. Again, ISO9001 section design provides a useful reference point.

Consideration of the organisational context is needed to ensure that the design processes created to support the BS ISO 10002 system are robust and will handle all potential scenarios.

Any corporate risks relating to complaints management should be considered and be acted upon. If large scale marketing campaigns are due to start, has the BS ISO 10002 representative been informed?

As the organisation grows and embarks upon more sales activity the design and development of the complaints process will need continual review.

Once again, any changes or modifications, should be recorded within a design brief.

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