BS ISO 10002 the Standard for complaints management requires a careful assessment and

examination of the programme to ensure it is effective.

Management review meetings can be integrated with other standards under the Annex SL

principle. But it is important to ensure that you address all the clauses of BS ISO 10002. The

CEO of the organisation should attend the management review along with senior managers

and the complaints management representative.

As a minimum the following key items should be discussed, and minutes taken with clear


Address issues of noncompliance with regulations, health & safety, environmental,

customer, statutory, regulatory, and other requirements.

Identification of failing interactions with core operations and solutions to improve the same.

Review risks, objectives and opportunities to improve the system.

External issues should also be considered such as regulatory requirements, technology

advances. Internal issues include policy reviews, resource needs, customer satisfaction

survey data, feedback on the handling of the complaints process.

Internal audits of the BS ISO 10002 complaints system are required and should be presented

to the top management.

Status of corrective actions and follow up of previous non-compliances and outputs from

the last management review should be discussed.

Clear outputs should be documented and include key decisions made regrading the

effectiveness of the complaints system.

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