Creating a suitable governance arrangement is not easy. The author of this blog has worked in organisations for over twenty years reviewing governance controls etc and getting an appropriate balance right – is no easy task.

Software solutions may present a very agreeable system with ‘traffic light’ reports and tick boxes but often underneath the organisation may only apply ‘lip service’ to the defined arrangements.

To create an effective system in the spirit of BS13500 an organisation should clarify its purpose and direction. Its corporate values should be documented having performed an analysis of external and internal needs plus stakeholder requirements.

A framework for identifying corporate risk arising out of the above review should be defined and link with the organisation’s risk policy and treatment profile.

A single, holistic, and easy to use framework should be developed that allows all users ease of access and appreciation of the core policies and processes to be adopted.

The governance system according to BS 13500 should be consistently deployed throughout the establishment considering interactions with differing business units. The Standard suggests that the governance framework be fully documented to avoid ambiguity.

BS 13500 identifies the need for the governance framework to be held centrally, together with founding articles and key regulatory documents that may determine the direction and purpose of the enterprise.

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Marcus has twenty years’ experience in delivering Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions to over two hundred organisations within the UK. Marcus holds the respected Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance from the International Compliance Association and holds a master’s degree in Management Learning & Change from the University of Bristol. Marcus is a Fellow of the Institute of Consultants and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.