The most basic definition of corporate governance is the system by which organisations are directed and controlled. Boards of Directors are responsible for the governance of their organisations.

Most businesses large and small will need some set of policies and procedures and structures to operate effectively.

Good governance means the organisation has suitable controls and checks in place to ensure effective oversight of operations and to ensure staff adhere to these arrangements.

BS 13500 was created as a code of practice to provide a framework for senior managers to both evaluate and plan their governance strategies.

BS 13500 is the first British Standard published covering good governance. BS 13500 focusses on effective structures, stakeholder relationships, accountabilities, and internal structures.

It helps reduce poor controls and lack of oversight through effective risk management.

Governance arrangements vary within organisations, but the outcomes should promote good and ethical working practices.

Thamer James Ltd assists with performing benchmark audits using BS13500 to identify an organisation’s current arrangements against the prestigious Standard. We create a report identifying strengths and weaknesses and appropriate strategies to enhance governance controls.

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Marcus has twenty years’ experience in delivering Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions to over two hundred organisations within the UK. Marcus holds the respected Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance from the International Compliance Association and holds a master’s degree in Management Learning & Change from the University of Bristol. Marcus is a Fellow of the Institute of Consultants and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.