To create a meaningful governance framework based upon BS13500, the organisation must create a governance competence framework to assess the application of skills and knowledge within this area.

Unlike ISO9001 where competence needs defining for those persons effecting outputs, the author would assert that BS 13500 goes further. A culture of good governance must be absorbed and promoted by all staff. You cannot have managers operating in an ethical manner and works operatives behaving in a different manner – contrary to the founding codes and values sought. Or indeed vice versa.  

So, all staff will need some form of competence assessment to establish their appreciation of the values, policies and guidance frameworks that might help.

Managers who will be assessing governance competence, need to be ambassadors for the founding values and ethical codes desired – not merely performing a rudimentary appraisal on an employee.

The governance competencies defined must be backed by policies and processes that allow these values to be exhibited. It is no good creating a culture of ethics if a manager is seen to ‘cut corners’ and perform a task in an unacceptable manner.

Indeed, it is important as stated previously where good attributes of governance performance are demonstrated that these are rewarded and discussed and articulated within the enterprise.

At the same time bad practices of governance should be recorded, investigated, and analysed with clear communication to staff as to why such occurrences are unacceptable.

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