Once the CEO and the executive management team have defined the governance values and purpose, it is time to consider implementing the governance system.

The first stage advocated in BS13500 is the governance accountability model.

This framework looks at the following activities that should take place:

  • Identify, consult, and interview stakeholders and interested parties. Similar to 9001: 2015
  • Promote and display governance leadership
  • Evaluate and define the entity’s governance long term interests
  • Determine and agree the organisation’s purpose
  • Define and agree values and principles
  • Create the required governance culture
  • Create a competence system to evaluate governance achievement
  • Monitor governance indicators within the business
  • Report on such measures
  • Demonstrate accountability

Many organisations will already be doing some of the above whilst addressing 9001: 2015 section 4. Context of the organisation.

BS13500 seeks more depth and a nuanced approach to really determine and appreciate the needs of stakeholders and interested parties. This might include defining which stakeholder has the greatest bearing on the organisation and what fundamental values are sought to achieve their expectations.

The author often finds that this area requires more examination and analysis than is often hitherto the case. Sadly, many enterprises make sweeping commitment statements about listening to their customers but carry on providing inadequate services that do not align with the espoused values.

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