Customers of organisation are all different. They will have a wide range of abilities and some issues will not be so clearly defined.

Circumstances can rapidly change as we have seen during the coronavirus pandemic and over night people that were financially or mentally stable can suddenly suffer a reverse of fortunes.

Organisations interfacing with customers need to appreciate that vulnerability is relative and dynamic and can be exacerbated by a sudden situation, such as loss of a job or a bereavement, or indeed a health issue.

Many organisations have a wide array of product offerings and helping customers with vulnerabilities becomes more challenging.

In addition, some individuals with clear disabilities are labelled as vulnerable, even though they may have no needs at a given point. So, a progressive and well-run organisation should adopt a structured programme to commit to sound policies and procedures to recognise the complex array of vulnerability triggers and how to deal with them.

BS18477 – Inclusive service provision – Requirements for identifying and responding to consumer vulnerability is an ideal place to start. In addition to aligning with this best in class Standard it allows the opportunity for the organisation to seek external certification from BSI to demonstrate that the highest principles for customer vulnerability have been met.

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