A progressive organisation that is seeking to create a sound programme to handle vulnerable customers should consider billing arrangements.

In particular the customer must be able to read the bill in a format that is accessible to their needs. This links back to a blog that the author wrote on recording relevant information about a potential vulnerable customer.

In addition, adequate contact details of third-party organisations or charities that can provide impartial and independent help and offer advice is often beneficial to this process.

When disputes may arise, reference points to external mediators should be identified. Certain industries have independent bodies that are solely established to handle complaints.

Adequate signposting to alternative agencies that can provide advice on: debt management, benefits, grants and energy saving programmes should be clearly identified on the organisation’s website or alternatively over the phone or the medium that the customer is most happy to use.

It is worth examining BS ISO 14452:2012 Network services billing. This Standard examines billing processes and arrangements and is a sound framework to consider when examining and updating billing systems for vulnerable customers.

By using BS18477 – Inclusive Service Provision an organisation can be assured that it has adopted a best in class British Standard for dealing with vulnerable customers. In addition, this Standard can be assessed by BSI a leading UK certification body.

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