The British Standard for Inclusive Service Provision BS18477 advocates clear arrangements for contracts and sales documentation.

An organisation embarking upon the creation of a sound vulnerable customer management system should ensure that there are robust policies and processes in place to ensure that customers fully understand the provisions of a proposed contract before they enter into such arrangements. 

A good place to start is ISO9001 that focusses upon the contract establishment and handling of variations etc. 

Steps should be taken by the organisation to ensure that customer fully understands the arrangements proposed and that where relevant any additional support or advice has been offered. Certain regulated products and services will of course require affordability / credit checks etc.

The author advocates a structured ‘on-boarding’ compliance process which is recorded and goes back through the agreement making sure that the customer fully understands the contract.

Key features and benefits of an agreement should be communicated in way that allows the customer to fully understand and appreciate the service or product on offer. In addition, any adverse issues should be highlighted to the customer.

Records should be maintained of this activity. This might be fulfilled as a contract review or ‘on-boarding’ exercise. Records should be maintained in accordance with GDPR Article 30.

By using BS18477 – Inclusive Service Provision an organisation can be assured that it has adopted a best in class British Standard for dealing with vulnerable customers. In addition, this Standard can be assessed by BSI a leading UK certification body.

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