To deliver a truly customer service driven service the organisation should adopt a variety of interview techniques to verify that new staff are suitable for their roles on the front line of customer service.

A simple test might be a telephone interview with simulated situations to assess how the candidate reacts to these situations.

Additionally, it can be useful to consider a personality test. Using the Jungian theory, a business might use the outputs to consider how an applicant might fit into the broader team and culture within the business.

Appropriate screening of individuals is necessary certainly within the regulated sectors. Once on-boarded within the organisation a training programme should be developed.

This might address:

  • What good customer service looks and feels like
  • Understanding the full range of IT systems and databases to assist the customer
  • Learning how to take ownership of problems rather than buck pass
  • Product knowledge and appreciation
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Managing a complaint and escalation
  • Dealing with vulnerable customer (Refer to the author’s previous blogs on vulnerable customers)
  • Legal or regulatory obligations

On-going continual development with regards good customer service techniques is necessary as no organisation remains static. Consideration of industry qualifications may be beneficial to both the employee and the organisation.

Providing staff with adequate authority and empowerment to deal with problems is vital as otherwise issues go unresolved or minor concerns escalate into major complaints.

By adopting BS8477 the British Standard for Customer Service a business can be assured that it has considered the best framework available for customer service provision.

A business seeking to stand out as a beacon of good customer service, can consider BSI’s Customer Service Kitemark award. The author is qualified in providing advice on this path.

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Marcus has twenty years’ experience in delivering Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions to over two hundred organisations within the UK. Marcus holds the respected Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance from the International Compliance Association and holds a master’s degree in Management Learning & Change from the University of Bristol. Marcus is a Fellow of the Institute of Consultants and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.