The infrastructure clause of 9001: 2015 is relatively straight forward although the author of this blog would suggest that the organisation should be clear at the onset what should be included.

The Standard requires that an organisation should determine, provide, and maintain relevant infrastructure for the operation of processes that achieve outputs.

So, in simple terms this might include storage, appropriate controlled environments for processing, distribution, and temperature-controlled units etc.

Buildings and workspaces should be adequately maintained to ensure that no adverse issues affect output.

This is the closest part of ISO9001: 2015 to identifying upkeep of IT related issues such as software and hardware. From experience the author would advise that if an organisation has a lot of systems processing then an examination of ISO27001: 2013 might be prudent.

The maintenance of transport and company vehicles should also be considered. Logs of vehicle inspections and service records is recommended.

The author would advocate that a responsible person or persons be put in charge of identifying what is key infrastructure. Making an inventory and reviewing how it is maintained, serviced, and kept in a suitable state for processing.

Remember this area should address the issues of property maintenance and the suitability of premises for processing.

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