A new International Standard has just been published. It is called ISO 37000: 2021 – Governance of Organizations – Guidelines.

The Standard replaces the older BS13500 which has been in publication for some years now.The Standard whilst a guidance document helps an organisation to appreciate the foundation blocks of good governance. This drives positive outcomes such as:

• Enhanced performance

• Greater responsibility

• Desirable behaviours

There are numerous guides and publications on governance, but ISO 37000 helps to bring about a framework that is suitable for all enterprises, not just those seeking City listings.

Good governance practices help to enshrine the correct ethos, culture and norms plus practices that are desirable. So often organisations publicise a suite of positive corporate policies, but behind the scenes none of these are effective nor deployed.

To create a sound governance framework effective leadership needs to espouse these values and operate in a way that is consistent with them.

ISO 37000 seeks to establish the needs and expectations of stakeholders and interested parties and to facilitate the right environment for the desired purpose of the organisation to be effectively achieved.

By using ISO 37000 as a guidance model an organisation can share with all its key stakeholders:

• Credible data and performance targets

• Stakeholder needs and expectations

• How compliance is addressed

• Ethical behaviours expected

• Impacts on the environment 

ISO 37000: 2021 is the new international Standard seeking to provide an overarching framework of sound governance principles that can be deployed within any organisational setting.

For further information and to book your ISO 37000 survey please contact: Marcus J Allen at Thamer James Ltd. Email: [email protected]

Marcus has twenty years’ experience in delivering Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions to over two hundred organisations within the UK. Marcus holds the respected Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance from the International Compliance Association and holds a master’s degree in Management Learning & Change from the University of Bristol. 

Marcus is a Fellow of the Institute of Consultants and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. In addition, Marcus is a member of BSI Committee G/1 Governance.