‘The BSI Kitemark is instantly recognised through the UK and much of the world, as a badge of quality, reliability, and trust’.

For an organisation to deliver true customer satisfaction, the drive and commitment to this goal must come from the top. Obvious, but not always easy to practice when there are so many competing regulatory and non-regulatory issues requiring executive focus.

The values and principles require documenting and espousing by the top management on a regular basis. Customer service needs to be a core value rather than an ‘add on’ or a theme of the month.

Products and services need to be developed with customer satisfaction at their heart. When staff interact with a customer – they must consider the customer care policy and objectives required and attempt to deliver desired outcomes.

Senior managers can help instil this desired result by demonstrating good examples of customer service.  For example, a caller with problems, may benefit from value added service to get them out of an unforeseen problem. Often it is easier to hide behind bureaucracy and claim the ‘systems don’t allow it’. But good service can win over a customer and lead to long term relationships being formed. It doesn’t cost much.

All staff within the organisation will need to subscribe to the desired customer service requirements. Clear and effective leadership will help cement the right behaviours sought.

For further information and to book your Customer Service Kitemark survey please contact: Marcus J Allen at Thamer James Ltd. Email: [email protected]

Marcus has twenty years’ experience in delivering Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions to over two hundred organisations within the UK. Marcus holds the respected Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance from the International Compliance Association and gained a master’s degree in Management Learning & Change from the University of Bristol. Marcus is registered under the BSI Associate Consultant programme.